Community Support

Arizona Facts of Life is a non-profit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their purpose is to aid young individuals to succeed in mental and academic growth. Facts of Life offer growth and opportunity. This program’s objective is to foster young populace in order to realize that they have the power, knowledge and support to succeed. Facts of Life believe that all young individuals have the insight, support and opportunities to make positive choices for their adult life and have the influence to leave a positive mark on society.

Please check out Facts of Life for further information.


The Southwest Human Development is a foundation that promotes a positive future for every individual.  These services extend to improving families and their lives, supporting young children and aiding as a caregiver during important times.  This nonprofit organization is dedicated to child development, mental health, Easterseals Disabilities Services, early literacy, head start, early head start, child welfare and professional development and training.

Please check out Southwest Human Development for further information.