Community Information

Located in the sprawling city of Phoenix, Arizona our charter school has just ended the first phase of our construction build out.  While our plans for expansion are yet to be announced,  the thriving area immediately surrounding the school is both established and new-build.  Our main campus surrounded by open farm land, currently growing lavender.

Our larger community includes track homes, the scare farm, and a short distance away is the Cardinals stadium.  Just down the road we have both Estrella Community College and Grand Canyon University.  Speaking of GCU, our students enjoy discounted tuition there upon graduation!

While the land around us becomes filled in with other non-profits and community organizations, we hope to continue serving as a place for gathering.  We have worked hard to build up our local and municipal community and will continue to do so in the future.

In the future, Arizona Preparatory Academy has plans to serve not only those in need of an education, but a variety of purposes.  We have reached out to the state of Arizona to become a polling location for future elections, we are working with local non-profits to serve as a point of distribution for free and reduced produce and food items, and we are providing adult education, language, and GED instruction to migrant families and adults who wish to make their lives and communities better.

Cyber High School students are our considered our family and are welcome to participate in all of the community resources offered at our physical campus.  In addition, we have a network of advocates, social workers, and resources throughout the state to ensure that all of our Cyber students receive the sense of community, and support, they deserve.