School Staff


Mr. Amukamara is our math instructor and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting, as well as a Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Professional Studies; he is currently working on his Ph.D in Leadership. Mr. Amukamara is married with six children.



Mrs. LaRue is another world traveler in our school.  She is married to an educator and teaches Economics and Spanish at Arizona Prep.  Mrs. LaRue has a calming affect on her students and is very good at her job.

Ming Qiu

Mr. Qiu, is yet another world traveler!  He is our Chinese and Science teacher, our math tutor, and an advocate for the fundamentals for all students.  He takes a constructivist approach to education that makes learning difficult topics very easy.  Mr. “Chew” as the students call him, is always willing to help tutor in any subject and is the go-to-guy for complex problems.


Ms. Janette Buell is highly qualified in a variety of areas and comes to us with a deep history in both the real-estate and business fields.

Victoria Rojas

Mrs. Rojas, “Victoria”, is one of our versatile paraprofessionals.  Her dream of being a principal one day is apparent as she has thrown her assistance in to every area of our daily operations.

Melinda Whittle-Lopez

Mrs. Whittle is our history instructor and vice principal of Arizona Preparatory Academy; she is a fully certified educator and is furthering her education in order to receive a Master’s in Educational Psychology. She has been with the school for over 5 years and continues to inspire staff and students.