Cyber High School is a program like none other: completely non-profit, publicly funded, and with staff ready to help your every need! As an Arizona online charter school, that’s a rarity, and we look to make the most of it. We offer courses for people from all walks of like and with all kinds of dreams. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get a degree!

What Makes Cyber High School Special

Many people see online schools as automated systems that punch in numbers and spit out degrees if everything adds up. For us, that is simply not the case. We like to add a bit more of a personal touch.

Cyber High School is an Arizona online charter school tailored to give the best online experience to students who have had difficulties on their path to graduation. Learning disabilities, homelessness, and students that have previously dropped out are all our specialty. Our staff is comprised of hand-picked teachers who specialize in working with teens that have had these issues and are tested true in their abilities. They can be reached at any time if help is needed with online sessions and even offer one-on-one tutoring.

What We Offer Day in and Day Out

Cyber High School is one of the first online schools an adaptive education system that ensures your youth is getting the education they need. Though the lessons are primarily taught online, we offer a number of programs through the North Star Charter School District that help its students succeed.  Moreover, students are placed in individualized, research-based tracks that prepare them for their life after school.  Something district schools just can’t do.

North Star Charter School District has a variety of programs at its disposal for aiding youths. Special Education, Child Find, and Drop Out Prevention and Recovery are just a few things we offer to help identify and work with a teenager’s needs. We even offer challenging courses through the GATE program, which aids in the growth of gifted students in core areas. Cyber High School even provides access to classes for the homeless through the McKinney-Vento program. Everyone deserves an excellent education, no matter what!

With over 600 Cyber High courses to choose from, there’s nothing your child can’t aspire to be! Everything Cyber High offers is part of the Edgenuity learning system AND Edgenuity’s gorgeous and interactive system and is 100% aligned with common core standards.

How You Benefit

Cyber High School offers high school diplomas to all graduates as well as GED preparation for those who wish to take the examination. But that’s not all! We even offer dual-credit courses that can be transferred to college credit, as well as AP and SAT prep. courses.  No matter what you need, Cyber High has it.

Cyber High School isn’t just an online education, but an invaluable experience. With our staff and your dreams, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish!

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