Resources for Online Learning

Academic Resouces

Time Sheet – You must submit weekly time via THIS time sheet if you are a student in our online learning program or are working from home.

Online Learning can be difficult, we get that.  While we work on some of the newest educational tech available, we are happy to provide you with the following resources to help along the way!

Sometimes the social parts of life can be the most difficult.  Cyber High’s Staff highly suggest asking your parents or guardians for help in these instances.  While this is not always feasible.  Community Information and Referral has a list of resources for any other situation you could possibly experience.

Students can always check their credits, attendance, and other information via StudentVue.  You can also download the StudedntVue App from the Android and Apple App Stores!  Soon you will be able to see your current and upcoming classes as well as predict your time until graduation. 

As always, Cyber High School is an online community based on learning and care.  If you need anything ask your teacher via chat, online, or call us at (623) 907-2661.